Project Details

This project represents application which use YouTube Data API v3 to build video search engine.To search video in this application 'search. list' method is implemented.'FancyBox', is also implemented which will load lightbox script.This will allow to open video on our site instead of being redirected to Youtube.This project is mostly based on JavaScipt and jQuery.

Technical details

  • Complete YouTube video search script
  • Use the Youtube Data API v3
  • Animated search box with jQuery
  • Channel List and searchList methods used
  • FancyBox plugin to open videos
  • Paging Buttons
  • Youtube API GET Request
  • Retrieving data in JSON

Things learned

  1. jQuery animate() method
  2. YouTube Data API v3
  3. Making a GET request using $.get()
  4. Loop through Result Set and insert into HTML
  5. Displaying Results from Response
  6. Acquring API key from google developers console
  7. API Page Tokens
  8. FancyBoxjQuery Plugin